Bungee Holster Should Be A Joke But Probably Isn’t

*SMFH*. The lowest profile, lightest weight holster on the market:

You can buy one for the low price of 7.95 on their website.

Bungee-HolsterWell at least he stresses that this is unsafe with a bullet in the chamber.  He should also stress that you will probably die alone if you think this is a good idea, or purchase one.

Reading the comments from the company on their facebook page makes my head hurt.

Guys.. there’s a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!  That’s it, I’m sold.

The story is so inspirational hahah:

The idea for bungeeHolster.com started when Mr. Win began conceal carrying a handgun full-time in the Spring of 2005. The first holster he purchased for $19.95 broke within a month. Having learned his lesson, Win paid $89.95 for his next holster that came with a lifetime warranty. This beauty failed twice in six months.

Win is a creative fellow with an extensive career in engineering and process design. With frustration channeled and wheels turning, he came up with a revolutionary holster design and prototype using a pony tail hair tie (scrunchy)! Win bought a pack of ten “scrunchies” and found them to be much more effective at concealing his firearm than any other style of holster on the market. However, in terms of longevity, it was back to square one as every hair tie would fail after a few hours of use.

During the Thanksgiving family gathering in 2005, Win showed his son Preston the idea and expressed a desire to improve the concept so the holster wouldn’t fail as often. Preston called in a few favors and came up with a second prototype. The second prototype was easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing, but the durability of “off-the-shelf materials” only extended the products life to about four weeks.

Round three of the prototype development process tweaked the design to eliminate weakness. Additionally, consultation with specialty elastic manufacturers resulted in the development of proprietary high-tensile materials used in today’s holster. After a decade of proven performance on the hip of Win and Preston, the conclusions drawn are certain and simple: this thing works and will not fail….ever!

In January of 2016, son Jeremy came into the picture with the motivation to share this product with the world. Being thoroughly convinced of the holster’s longevity and absolute superior function, Jeremy secured the rights to the idea, patented the innovation, and brought this entirely American made holster to market as…

This is a joke right?  Tell me it is.

Gat tip: MilsimJunkie