Instructor Zero Videos Are The Most Entertaining With Closed Captions On

Vid title “Toyota”… ya ok cool stuff bro. *eye roll*:

Instructor-Zero-Cock-EverywhereIf you’re not watching Instructor Zero’s YouTube videos with CC’s on, you’re basically not even living.  The guy’s english is terrible at best, but he speaks it anyway and OH THE LOLs we get because of that.  Go back through some old vids and turn them on and see what I mean.  Here are a couple examples.

0:15 – “126 Japanese curry number fool so I need to extract loading and shooting the chest moving target on shares consider carrying nazism”

LOL yea… looks like auto CC’s couldn’t decipher the rest of the video, but at least we had that gem.  It sucks that IZ videos are pretty much a waste of time now, considering how they used to be chalked full of so much pure operational gold.