Actual Jello Shots From A Revolver

haha I’m surprised I haven’t seen this before:

Jello-Glock-Torture-TestMonica Mattv2099 is slippin by having not filled shotgun shells and various other cartridges up with food :P.  I’d much rather watch and hear Matt than this guy too… he would definitely do it right and make dudes mad.  I just emailed him, and suggested he at least make a 12GA confetti-type round that shoots out TrollFaces.  That would be legit AF. I think Matt would really benefit from a slow motion camera to really capture the essence of trolling in as many frames as possible.

Matt did do a Jello Glock Trollture test, which was pretty funny because it made the Glock malfunction.

Thoughts?  How long until some idiot tries to take an actual SHOT of Jello in his mouth using this method?  People are so dumb.