Rapper Stitches Bought A New AR-15 And Made A Terrible Song

*smh* this guy:

Stitches-RapperI wonder why at the start it shows him getting makeup to conceal his ridiculous face tattoos which he goes without for the entire video?  This is interesting mostly because the song title is “I’m crazy”.  His face tattoos make him look WAYYYYYYY crazier.  Without the tattoos he looks like a large 12 year old, who’s man hobbies are smoking cigarettes and giving wedgies to the nerds.   The upside is he could at least get that coveted job at Mc Donalds, and probably even at least part of his allowance back.

2:11 – At the end he wipes the face makeup off.  Annnnnnnnnd we’re back.

That AR-15 isn’t nearly as terrible as it could be, compared to what we have seen from him before.  He even rocks flip up sights (Magpul perhaps?) co-witnessed with some sort of red dot.  I’m surprised the concept of the co-witness reached his demographic. #ReadsENDOonce?


Gat tip: Jim