When You NRA Certified And Still Have Love For The Hood

Lisa Phillips:

rags-to-riches-nraBefore at least one of you yells “THAT’S RACIST” in the comments after reading my post title, take a look at the other videos on the channel this video is posted on.  Lisa Phillips might not have love for the hood, what do I know?  I’m just making assumptions based on the approximately one dozen rap videos on the channel and the “Rags to riches” watermark and channel name.

0:31 – “How to load and unload clip” – I like where this is headed.

0:35 – HI-POINT! LOL Me = dead hahah.

Nice how she emphasizes ear and eye protection when on the range.  Can’t be mad at that.

1:27 – No No NOOOOOOOO the tactical teacup grip!

1:37 – Noooo riding the slide home, to load “the bullet into the chamber”.  This is a disaster.

1:59 – Ok the grip improved here.

2:07 – “Rapid Firing”… that trigger slap at 2:32 tho.  Oh well as long as she’s hitting what she’s shooting at I guess.

2:43 – Oh good, she also teaches advanced classes.  I wish there was a video up that I could armchair critique.  I’m sure it would be better than watching a Magpul video.

2:54 – Get your concealed “WAPONS” permit training from her too.  Yea yea whatever typos happen, and I make dozens of them on here a week.

As expected, the comments people left on the video on YouTube are mostly pure gold.

Lisa-Phillips-NRA-InstructorIf you’re in the Bishopville SC area and want firearms training from her make sure to call her at 803-464-4396

Here’s Lisa’s LinkedIn page if you’re dying to know some more background info.