When She Sees A Mystery Charge On The Visa Statement

First you’re like:

????? Hunny I have no idea. *wipes sweat off forehead* ?

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Then you’re like (this one is a video, so click play):

? @Brownellsinc

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Justin-Bieber-GlockMake sure to follow me on Instagram.  Besides the memes I post, the comments are entertaining a lot of times too.  Like on the first of these posts for example, I was educated on the fact Justin Beiber is anti-gun.  Yea I already knew that, and don’t care enough to modify my sense of humor to extensively investigate every person or company I want to crack a joke about to make sure they aren’t anti-gun and have no anti gun affiliations.  If Wayne LaPierre had a song called “What do you mean?” and another called “Sorry” I would have maybe used him in the meme instead. Oh and here’s a good one… tradecraft_hand The same idiot who wrote that instagram comment berating me for using Justin Bieber in these memes, has up a “Most instering man in the world” meme containing actor Jonathan Goldsmith who is apparently a huge Obama supporter and even had a fundraiser for him back in 2012. Pure gold.