Getting To Know Valerie Serbu AKA 50CalVal

RoyalNonesuch‘s friend (girlfriend?) does a Q&A for the people:

Royal-Nonesuch-HawaiianI figured this would be A LOT more gun related… like more than ~0.00001% gun related which is what it ended up being.  I skipped through at least 2/3 of it, stopping at various points and heard words like “gossip girl”, “cycling”, and her speaking french.  My final skip point though landed at the end 11:11 where she says she wants to make videos on guns.  Well hopefully the videos will be good because we all know her dad owns Serbu firearms.  Him and Royal Nonesuch collabed on a break-action .50 BMG which looks pretty sweet.

Remember when Royal posted a cutesy pic of him and Valerie, but then deleted it?