FN Toots It’s Own Horn With Brand Heritage Flexing

In what they call the “FN Anthem Brand Video”.  Lots of operators and operations ahead:

0:02 – “We are FN, and we are legendary.” – Well ok then haha *toot toot*

Remember when I once asked if Sprinfield Armory (the company today) had anything to do with the legendary government armory established under George Washington?  You guys SHIT A BRICK.  I did some research (looked at wikipedia), and it does seem that FN (today) is a continuation of the one founded in 1889 as this video implies, so in other words they are legit AF.  If I’m wrong, berate me in the comments.

FN57Thoughts?  Did you cradle your 5-7 and whisper sweet nothings into it’s ejection port as you watched this video?

Do you find it funny that FN disabled comments?  This doesn’t strike me as the type of video that would invite a ton of trolling.  Who know though maybe they are just trying to duck comments like “Buy a Glock!”