Nerf Clipazine Demonstration

1:25 – “This is cool, you can see how it’s kinda working through the clipazine there”  <—- haha this guy definitely watches Monica Mattv2099

2:15 – Holy, NERF puts so much thought into their designs. I love it.

Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Hail-Fire-Blaster-Gun-ToyOne of the major firearms manufacturers really should steal some of NERF’s guys and come out with some really revolutionary stuff.  This would really save my eye muscles the fatigue from rolling so much when I continually hear that a firearms company is doing something with the AR-15 platform.  Like, is that really supposed to impress me or anyone else in 2016?  Clipazines are the future.

Although likely a dangerous thing to play outside with in today’s non gun friendly climate… I’d really like to see more creative realistically painted NERF guns like these from time to time.

Gat tip: Isaac