Making Jokes About A Straw Purchase To An FFL

This is what anti-gun comedy looks like in 2016.  OMG straw purchase loophole!!@#$! *eye roll*

Ha haaaaaaaaa?  Steve Hofstetter who (apparently) is a comedian, tries to buy a gun in Las Vegas… he can’t because he’s not a NV resident so he gets his buddy to buy it for him (straw purchase).

This is Steve’s comment he left on his own YouTube video after people were saying what they did was illegal:

For those saying how Brent and I will get arrested for making a straw purchase, you are not lawyers, and you are very wrong. We were careful to not actually follow through with the straw purchase – just to show that we could have. Brent legally owns (and has) the gun. He never bought it for me – we just made it look to the dealer like that was a possibility.

If you are genuinely interested in the law, there are some wonderful resources online where you can begin studying instead of just making things up to feel important.

Yea so as you can see Steve is saying that they were just messing around and that his friend Brent never actually gave him the gun.  It was all just an act to see if the FFL would sell them it, and they could get in and out with the gun quickly.

Jose-Canseco-Mullet4:10 – “I support the 2nd Amendment, and I believe every responsible citizen should be able to own a gun if they choose to BUT I also believe buying one shouldn’t be as easy as it was today.  House, apartments, cars… even animals are regulated.  It just makes sense that guns would be to.”  <– hahahahah so why exactly shouldn’t buying a gun be easy for someone who isn’t a criminal?  Their little demonstration just proved that “gun laws” are ineffective… that’s it.  Just wait until Steve finds out about websites like Armslist where he could meet up with some stranger in a Walmart parking lot and buy a gun.