Rachel Dratch Demands Action For Gun Sense

Ugh painful.  You might recognize her from SNL back in the day:

This “PSA” took a hell of a long time to get to the point.  The entire video was 1:44 and the build up of nothing but garbage was until 1:17… followed by some quick fear mongering. Oh you know… the type where guns will either go off by themselves, or every gun owner is a careless lunatic just seconds away from potentially killing everyone in the room.

Moms-Against-EverythingOh and this is good “Loaded guns. Families with kids. And alcohol. It’s a legal combination in more than 40 states.  What could go wrong?” Then they direct you to their website WhatCouldGoWrong.com with a couple “facts” and a scarily worded paragraph or two talking about how much bloodshed there is and will be because law abiding citizens have freedom to make their own decisions.