Underwater Shooting Trick – When She Says She Likes Bravery

This guy is no doubt trying to impress a girl:

If you’ve ever seen video of a gun fired underwater before, this video is very anticlimactic.  The science behind it is in a video here if you’re interested.

Looks like a SIG 550.  Beautiful footage of the escaping gasses and the bullet slicing through the water before the water was like “NUNNNH UNH GURL”.

Andreas-Wall-Underwater-Gun-Shot0:52 – Fake relief, and the crowd goes wild he’s still alive.  What a feat! *eye roll*

haha no matter what music is in a YouTube video, even if it’s unspectacular someone in the comments is always like “anyone know the name of the song at _____?”.  This video is no exception.  Some girl was asking about the music starting at 0:54 haha like it’s that amazing or something.

Don’t try this at home with your harpoon gun or 20mm Anzio. Thoughts?