5.11 Tactical Comes Thru With Tactical Yoga Pants

How long you spent at the mall?  How long it take you to get this fly? (All day trigga.)  5.11 with that new new:

Stupid_Sexy_FlandersRemember when Instructor Zero wore tactical yoga pants and did drills with a damn parachute attached to him?  Yes that actually happened.  Saying it out loud though is like talking about when Fabio got his nose bloodied by a flying goose on a roller coaster at Busch Gardens in VA.  It’s almost too hilarious to be real.

If you want to hit the range feelin’ like you’re “wearing nothing at all” looking like a sexy Flanders then 5.11 is the plug.  I’m about to cop, then instagram a “tactical deep lunges while engaging target” thirst trap video for your viewing pleasure. hahah :P