Triggerpoint Has No Website But Still Brings The Derp To SHOT

TriggerPoint may not have a working website but bet your ass they still have a product LOL. From SHOT a couple days ago:

That Trigger Point guy should win an Oscar for his straight faced sales pitch of the product’s features.  The sad thing is he believes every word of it.

1:40 – Whoa guys hold on a sec, this one is for “Snipers; really high-end users”. *product sells out immediately*

The guy at the end of the video sums it up perfectly, I’m glad that part was also filmed and added in although I wish they would have confronted Trigger Point guy directly about the derp. Sounds like that would have been a great task for Phuc Long right?

If you want to see the first post I did on TriggerPoint, it has another derpy demonstration and a humorous instructional video.


Gat tip: Kevin