In Case You Forgot Steve Lee Is Still The Worst

This guy has annoyed me since day 1.  Now he’s “shooting fish in a barrel” har har har:

This is a serious question: Are “Oakley Gascan” style sunglasses standard issue to every guy in Australia?  I swear every tourist, and every picture or video I’ve ever seen of an Australian guy, he has those on.  They are definitely my least favorite sunglasses on the planet.  At least they wrap around though so brass can’t sneak between the sunglasses and their face.

1:01 – Just the start of the PPSH problems.  What’s the point of having auto if it jams every couple shots?  Ammo issue or firearm issue, that would suck either way.  I’m sure these rental guns on the Cambodian ranges they go to are very well used though.

steve-lee-i-like-guns-album5:28 – “Yes, all the fish were eaten.  The Cambodian soldiers appreciated the nice meal.  Nothing is wasted in Asia.”  <— wtf?

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