Mr No Eyepro And Music Earphones For Earpro

Royalnonesuch that safety disregarding lucky sonofabitch is at it again:

haha I love this guy but his disregard for safety is off the chain.  This comment came from a follower named Edeco which sums it up:

Look, we can’t have it both ways, its natural to worry, but if the Nonesuch were clearly, diligently, redundently safe it wouldn’t be the same. He’s like a butterfly; pleasant, free, colorful and seemingly not long for this world. Ostensible transience is the air in which he flutters. I don’t recommend it, mind you. If he asked I’d say “seems too risky, quit while ahead” but people have to assess and chose for themselves.

LOL “Like a butterfly… Ostensible transience is the air in which he flutters.”.  I shopped a mockup of how Royal would look with an eye patch.  Although it could be classified as menswear 2.0, he definitely looks better without it so I’m still calling for a safety overhaul.

Royal-Nonesuch-Eye-Patch1:03 – Can you imagine loading this thing up for the first time in the day and flipping it around… getting a text message or a phone call, forget all about it and then being like “Oh I should load this thing and shoot it”.  *inserts shell* *tap KAAABOOOM* you now have a stump for a hand.  Congratulations, you played yourself.  Makes me cringe.

1:53 – This shotgun belongs in a museum.  Here’s a video of him shooting it, if you care.

3:22 – Getting a face full of burnt gunpowder and rust dust isn’t recommended by 10/10 doctors either.  Royal doesn’t give a shit though.  He plays by his own rules.