Jerry Putting In That Glock Work

GEN1 and GEN3 word up. #TeamFuckGen4 amirite guys? I’m telling you I bet Glock goes back to basics on the Gen5 or Gen6.

1:40 – *smh* 60 rounds in 5 seconds. It’s nothing for Jerry to stunt. If Jerry is ever involved in a self defense shooting, his lawyer is going to carefully navigate a nightmare. I can hear it now from the lawyer of the scumbag he shot – “Your honor, I believe any reasonable man or woman would agree that 120 holes is a lot of holes in the deceased for an incident that started and was over in 10 seconds.   This man had a clear thirst for blood that day your honor… one might even call it insatiable”

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryI need to buy a gen 1 someday just for posterity.

Jerry’s favorite Bone Thugs song is definitely this one.