Sig Sauer Turns It Up To 11 With Their Pellet Airgun Line

Oh it’s lit:

Keanu-WoahWhoaaaaaaaaa.  I’ve never wanted a pellet gun as much as I want that MPX we first see at 0:13 in the video.  The MCX one is trying too hard with that dumb fake-ass suppressor… I’m sure it’s because it adds barrel length but seriously GTFO with that.  LOL Keymod handguard… so operational.  Tru operators know.  If you buy the MCX please do me a favor and put like $3k worth of your AR-15 accessories on it.

You can see SIG’s full airgun lineup on their new airgun website.  Oh and if you’re looking to pick one up or see the pricing you can head over to PyramydAir because they appear to have the full lineup.