More Krav Maga Pistol Disarms

Ryan Hoover from Funker Tactical:

You can skip to 1:06 if you don’t want to listen to GN talk.

Note: GN says not to take this “out of context” because the entire DVD video on pistol disarms is 2 hours. haha OH I’LL TAKE IT OUT OF CONTEXT GN, DON’T TRY AND BOSS ME AROUND. :P

Worth watching I guess, but I still think it’s pointless with a “cooperative scumbag” in the scenario, who also isn’t actually given the opportunity shoot anything.  If you’re trying to prove something works, then prove it properly.

Funker-Tactical-Handgun-DisarmingWhat do I know about disarms?  Absolutely nothing, but this looks like the type of thing that could POSSIBLY work… but it also possibly might not work.

Thoughts?  Are you going to try your luck and buy the 2 hour dvd and attempt to transform into a pistol snatching professional?