Larry Vuitton Looking At Aimpoints With Battle Wear

I’ll never pass up an “It’s Lit” opportunity.  Fire damaged Aimpoint that still works, and Larry shoots with it:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyYea Aimpoints are pretty sweet.  Sadly all I have right now is an EOtech, which was cool in the early 2000’s but now after the L3 Communications fraud settlement with the U.S. government (for supplying the US military and law enforcement with thousands of defective sights) my operator TIER is taking a real hit for the worse. I can’t afford to lose any more TIER levels guys.

3:17 – Man… this is so baller.  Larry comments “It’s a little bit high”… then out of nowhere a windage and elevation assistant makes the adjustments so LAV doesn’t need to get his hands dirty.  Damn, what a boss move.  Much respect.  Larry has paid his dues and adjusted so much elevation and copious amounts of windage in his day, screw doing it himself anymore now that he’s rich.