Rearview Mirror For Your Rifle Is Serious Business

Called Angel Eye.  LOL patent pending and the whole nine. Derp in mirror is closer than it appears:


Amazing.  Couldn’t rest nah trigga I was stressed had me creeping ’round corners homie sleeping in my vest.  You’ll definitely be the last MF’er breathing if you have this mirror to watch your six.  It’s just math… math isn’t wrong.

Made by a Canadian company called Magwedge for the low price of $99.  Their name seemingly because their original claim to fame was/is making magazine couplers for the neutered capacity Canadian magazines, which seems like an infinitely better idea.

Hold-This-LSeriously though they applied for “international patents” on this Angel Eye rearview mirror thing?  Does this actually seem like a good idea / sellable product to anyone at all?  To be blunt, it’s probably one of the top 10 stupidest gun related things I’ve ever blogged about.  The fact actual man hours were spent, and a carbon footprint (no matter how small) was made as a result of this product makes my soul hurt.