Dana Loesch Mixes Guns And Religion Via NRA News

WAT?  Dana is charged up wow:

I guess the NRA maybe knows their audience better than I think I know their audience.  This video seems like a total step backwards.  “The godless left” hey?  Ok whatever you say… lets do just like the anti-gun crowd does and point fingers / blanket name call. I bet Dana wins 100% of the arguments in her household.  She’s scary. :P

Dana-Loesch-BlazeA commenter (KestrelBike) asked me an honest question on the last NRA video I posted – “What kind of videos would you rather the NRA put out?”, to which I replied “If rather see funny videos like Colion Noir used to make. Ones that don’t feel like part of a big corporation’s marketing campaign. Like a “here’s some funny shit, take it or leave it” style videos.”  I stand by that, and really wish it would happen.  I’ve always been a big proponent of just promoting firearms and the culture as something fun, and where humor can be found.  To me, that is how you get more and more people into firearms, and more support and money for the NRA.  The fact that some idiots have and will continue to do terrible things with firearms won’t change my stance one bit.