1 Inch Thick AR550 Steel Vs Various Calibers


hahahha that starting skit where he talks about his encounter with the cop.  Gold.

None of this is very surprising, but still cool to see there’s barely a dent made by anything except various 5.56mm and the .308.  Holy that .50BMG AP round tho…

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-Switch4:34 – LOL what the hell… a skeletonized AR-15 upper?  That’s the most useless / impractical Gucci firearm related thing I’ve ever seen.

6:34 – hahah the energy from the .50 BMG round is always fun to see hit something after smaller caliber rifle rounds where the stand barely moved.

Man, I sure hope Matt makes a lot of money off his YouTube channel, because he sure shoots a lot of expensive rounds.

Oh nm.. just as I wrote that I see he’s plugging a razor company at 9:18.  He has been rocking that beard for a while, but I guess he could still clean up his neck line up the beard on the cheeks I suppose.