Comparing Automatic Firearms To Bicycles


“Dangerous” to who?  I think is the first question that needs to be answered.  Everyone who shot in the video, even the apparent “newbies” were obviously given instruction on how to stand properly and what to expect.  To say that an automatic firearm isn’t any more dangerous than a semi auto when it comes to controllability is just false, considering the barrage of bullets doesn’t let up while you’re finger is on the trigger of an automatic.  If you fall, get scared when the recoil hits etc… are all factors that could turn ugly quick for you or people in the general area, which wouldn’t happen nearly as easy with semi auto.  I don’t think automatic firearms should be effectively banned by the government (like they are), but I do think that another level of reasoning and instruction has to go into giving yours to someone to shoot, so terrible incidents like this 9 year old killing her instructor at the shooting range with an auto UZI can be avoided.  Because of everyone’s negligence and stupidity that little girl has to live with that now *smh*.

Come-And-Take-ItSide note, the regulation of automatic weapons was obviously originally meant to curb crime done with them.  So scumbags couldn’t dump hundreds if not thousands of rounds at the underarmed cops so easily.  I don’t normally like to side with gun legislation, but didn’t this law actually work?  I can’t even remember a shooting where the shooter had an auto, or even a illegally converted semi-auto.  Fill me in if my facts are wrong, or call me names if I just pointed out a gun law that actually worked and you hate me for it.  If any of your guys in Law Enforcement here are catching bad guys with autos, I’m curious to know that as well.