Amazon Prime To Someday Drone Strike You An ENDO T-Shirt

The future is pretty cool, but also strange:

They were testing some Amazon related drone stuff up in British Columbia in the summer.  Apparently the drone rules aren’t as strict as they are in the US.

There are obviously a load of issues with drone delivery, which you can probably imagine yourself.  One of the most interesting issues I think is the fact that if (when) something such as drone delivery is made legal, Amazon likely won’t be the only company doing it so there will be hundreds or thousands of drones buzzing through the air at any given time in a busy area.  That would be not only annoying, but also potentially dangerous if it had issues and crashed.  Yea I know that’s not happening daily now with airplanes, but I just can’t see the same type of strict air traffic control working when dealing with the drone business model.

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Jeremy Clarkson apparently is going to be doing a new car related series for Amazon Prime (along with James May and Richard Hammond).  Sounds potentially awesome.