Side-Eyeing The Gun Bucket

Wat-memeWat? Are we being trolled? Why go to all the trouble of cutting a wood circle, gluing on dowels, gluing the wood circle to the bottom of the bucket? I figured at the end of all that he was at least going to fill the bucket (with the guns inside) up with birdseed or something similar. Might as well just have thrown the handguns into the bottom of the bucket and called it a day. OH YOU’RE WORRIED SCUFFING THE PRECIOUS FINISH? Wrap a rag around each one. I agree this hidden in plain sight method is probably 100x better than buying a cheapass safe and not anchoring it down. Johnny has trolled us in the past, so my radar is potentially picking up something… That radar is the only reason I’m still alive on the internet and haven’t been embarrassed into retirement by some of you cool teens. Johnny should have written “NOT GUNS” on the outside of the bucket.