Larry Turning Off Watermelons Like Light Switches At Your Mom’s Crib

Without the keymod rail on that rifle I just am not sure if those shots would have connected. Picatinny is so low speed.

0:49 – Larrys 360 degree rotating gopro is next level. He did used it first when he turned off a macbook. I’m surprised more shooting YouTubers aren’t biting this idea. Note to other YouTubers: please start entertaining me with more elaborate camera work.

1:04 – hahah Larry just does it for the love of shooting, not the millions of dollars. With the 10s of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of rounds he’s shot in his entire life, he still loves blowing shit up.

2:06 – The honesty that Larry exhibits by showing this shot makes him more relatable. 800m is no easy feat. Interesting look up close at that same watermelon after. Like he said, it must have been going slow.

Larry-Vickers-HK21Thoughts? I really hope Larry gives us a behind the scenes look at the creation of the “Larry turns it awwwwwwwf” jingle. Seeing Larry in the studio like TURN MY HEADPHONES UP… UH HUH… LOUDER, would be priceless. Be clear, all the big TIER dogs know that my man Larry Vuitton rules the ranges. If you haven’t heard that joint Larry turns it awwf you need to get with it. It ain’t going platinum it’s going double uranium son. Put some treble in it… Put some treble in it, that’s my word.