Avoiding Scope Bite Is Recommended

Class is in session with Kirsten:

Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-RifleI’ve seen guys wrap their eye around a scope like they are using binoculars haha.  I haven’t had scope bite, but I’ve shot with a couple guys who got a nice eyebrow slice from a .30-06.  I actually had the scope hit the brim of my hat once, and that kind of stunned me for a sec because it transferred the energy to my head like a newb.  I know what you’re thinking; 1/10 ENDO.  I’d hate to see what a .50 BMG could do… a person would probably get a concussion.

Thoughts?  Do you have a scope bite scar / memory?  If you’ve ever gave your girlfriend a higher caliber rifle to shoot and didn’t show her how to properly do it and she got a scope bite, leave a comment so we can call you an asshole haha.