Royal Nonsuch Update On His Mark Serbu Rifle Buildcation

Trolled me hard for a second at the start.

1:45 – Very rare ENDO selector switch sticker on his laptop. The only way you have one of these is if you’re Monica, or you purchased a patch or pins from ENDO Apparel.

1:52 – H’s going to build a single shot .50BMG single shot based around a 12 GA single shot.

2:58 – Mark Serbu’s daughter’s YouTube channel for cross promotion?  His daughter Valerie looks about Royals’s age, this is her:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOSomething tells me, that trip isn’t going to be strictly business and RN is NOT going want to leave Florida haha.  He better bring his finest ENDO t-shirts to impress her with, maybe even switching the game up and rocking one under an unbuttoned classic Hawaiian t-shirt he’s known for.

Thoughts?  Can you imagine what a fairytale this would be if Royal and Serbu-Daughter Valerie end up getting married and Royal goes on to work at Serbu Firearms, eventually running it?  The room would actually get dusty and my eyes would start watering guys.  It would be so beautiful, I literally could not even.