New Haven Connecticut Police Have Absolutely Zero Chill

haha damn, the police are stealing from unlocked cars to prove a point.  Savage:

Dorthy-Wizard-Of-Oz-Police-StateHow is this even legal?  It’s my business If I want to leave something inside my car.  I can see if someone left an unsecured firearm out in plain view on the dash of un unlocked car, ya that would be concerning and irresponsible.  If I leave an ipod out in the open, the police are just going to jack it and make me drive down to get scolded and pick it up?  What the hell?  No chill, I’d be mad.  Seems that “caretaker provision” in state law they mention at 0:35 is why they can do this.  I wonder how many person of interests’ car’s in CT are found “accidentally left unlocked with valuables visible” *big air quotes with fingers there for emphasis*, giving the police a reason to go in and rummage through.

1:25 – This old lawyer at the end keeps it 8 more than 92.

What’s next? You live in New Haven and leave the blinds on your house open and police can see your 55″ LED TV from the road, the sneak up and try the door?  Then when it’s unlocked they tip toe in, pink panther it, and leave you a “pick it up at Police HQ” note?  haha yea I can’t see that ending well.