Larry Vuitton Takes Us Behind The Scenes Slow Motion With It

Larry slowly turns it off:

haha I love this guy… so epic.  If you missed the full original video make sure to check it out.

LAV is the white Iverson for real.  Yes I’m still listening to that song… it rides, what can I say?

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyLarry is such a pro I bet he had his squad have all those items ready while he sipped a lavender latte in his Range Rover, then they hit him on the cell like “It’s a go boss”.  Larry slid the 7 round magazine into the 1911, took 7 perfect shots back to back and less than 5 minutes later it was a wrap.  He then went home to eat steak and count money and troll some haters (we call them fans though) on social media.