NOIR S04E05 – Girl Don’t Tempt Me

Firearm safety in Schools?  I think it’s a good idea.  The Eddie Eagle program seems great, but still too scary for many simply because it deals with guns.  I’m not really sure how you get around that, unless the government is flat out like “We’re teaching gun safety in schools now.  Deal with it bros.”.

3:45 – Guns had NOIR straight SHOOK at the jump.  Pretty common for everyone I’d imagine.  I don’t remember where or when I pulled my first non bbgun and non .22 LR trigger, but I do remember being like “WHOA” and getting goosebumps after the recoil and the noise hit.

4:33 – Interesting… interesting… Ja-mes want’s to go to the range.  Good for her!  If she hates fundamentally hates guns on every level still after that, then that’s up to her and at least she can say that she gave them a try.  I’d never be mad at that.  I really hope this is a 180 degree view changing experience for her though.

5:42 – haha NOIR… didn’t tell Ja-mes to wear a top to cover up the cleavage huh?  Let’s hope she doesn’t need to do a hot brass dance.  That could ruin everyone’s day.  I shoot in regular sunglasses too, but I know some people are going to have something to say about hers.

9:35 – Ja-mes thought shooting was scary.  She’s definitely not disgusted and totally freaked out though which is a good sign.  I don’t know if NOIR is going to get another shooting buddy out of this, but you never know.

Old-MrColionNoir12:24 – TROLLED HARD IN 3….2…1….. #NeverShoulderNeverForget

Good episode.  Thoughts?