Halloweening It With Some Precision Pumpkin Carving

Kirsten Joy Weiss puts .22 LR to pumpkin:

Good call on her recognizing that the back is where the best “look” of the carving will come from.  I’ve seen so many YouTube videos where people just pepper the front and it doesn’t look like much, and the back is all blown out.

Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-Pumpkin-Carving3:14 – Quotable – “We gotta loaaaaaad morrrrrrrre magazinaaaaaays”.  Download the autotune ringtone on iTunes now for $2.99 + shipping and handling.

To me, Kirsten is another subscriber count phenomenon (51.5k) like Carnik Con (87k).  Carnik Con had so much less when Dugan quit making videos *quietly pours out liquor*.  Although obviously different, both have way less subscribers than I figure they should have for the quality of videos they put out.  I have zero doubt in my mind that if Kirsten “sold out” in the typical female online sense, or even started making trolling videos like 200k Mattv2099 she would be at millions of subs in no time.  That’s how you know Kirsten is cool though… she just does this for the sport and won’t bend her morals.  What good are subscribers if you sold your soul and have to wear a bikini and hawk the tactical equivalent of skinny teas and protein shakes right?