Keeping Up With The Costashian – Back to Japan

Chris Costa does Japan a second time:


LOL you just can’t make shit like this up.  His first visit caused so much lustful Asian boy hype, that it was obvious a second one was going to be on the books sooner than later.

If you missed the memes from the first or when he shook his tactical tush on the catwalk and dropped it like it was a hot pot (to OOOOOOOOOOOs from the crowd) make sure you catch yourself up.  Oh and you can watch footage of him playing airsoft too which is amazing.   Hopefully he meets up with the airsoft dance girl this time and does a duet or something.

Thoughts?  I’m counting on copious amounts of shark jumping and memes coming out of this second trip, what about you?  The Costashian eats that up too, so I’m sure he will be spear-heading some meme worthy content guaranteed to go viral in the community.

Gat tip: Thomas