Bleeding Vitals Human Silhouette Paper Shooting Target

Something new:

The target is made to take 100 rounds according to the inventor.  I’m not very jazzed at the fact the hits aren’t really that visible at the actual bullet impact point… it looks mainly like the liquid just runs down between the those honeycomb grooves and you have to go up close to really see your holes.  Kind of defeats the purpose of a reactive target when it’s not preforming as shown in the marketing mockup photo used in this post.

Triumph-Systems-Shooting-TargetTriumph Systems is the place.  Priced at under $15 (Available early 2016).  I’m still not really sure why someone would talk about something which people want to buy RIGHT NOW, which won’t be available until 2016.  This type of thing seems to happen all the time.  What do I know about anything though?  Maybe I’m missing out on some sort of advanced grail marketing technique I would have learned if I got an MBA, and not just peasant’s Bachelor degrees.  Having an MBA and then not using it for anything but making memes up would be the ultimate flex.

Vigilant Spectre being Tactical As _ _ _ _ in an ENDO Apparel t-shirt as usual.

Thoughts?  ~$15 for 100 rounds out of your comfort zone?  For me, it would be a hard one to justify since I only have used about 10 targets from my VTAC Silhouette 100 round target pack… which are also VERY badass and only $0.50.  The Triumph Systems ones are less portable too due to the thickness of the honeycomb reactive part.  I’d rather keep using my VTAC paper and buy a box of ammo for every target instead… that’s basically what it boils down to.