Travis Haley Disruptive Science Is All About You

Travis actually science’ing it with real science.

Approaching weapons manipulation fundamentals from the stand point of human biomechanics, ergonomics and mental processing, the D5 program is as much about understanding the weapon system as it is about understanding yourself and the principles that make you who you are.

Developed for beginner, intermediate and advanced shooters, Disruptive Science™ is designed to give students a template for increasing; mental acuity, focus, dexterity, balance and spatial awareness while performing skill based weapons manipulations. These same skills have direct application in your daily life and your interactions with the people around you. The D5 program will not just make you a better shooter. It will help you find performance and understanding in all aspects of your life.

Skin looking radiant and gorgeous as usual.  So thoughtful too, making the course about us.  If you told me that eventually someone was going to make a thoughtful course, I would have put my money on it being Haley.  The man is a national treasure.  I bet Travis is great at constructive criticism too.  Like you’d have no idea you actually were just total garbage at some skill compared to the rest of the guys in your class, because he’d lowkey hit you with like eight positives then slide in one suggestion, worded in such a thoughtful way and his tone would be so genuine your brain wouldn’t even be able to actually process that he was saying you sucked… all your brain would do is tell your body “do better” and voila you’re better at that thing in no time.

UsherMy remix track for this video on mute is Usher – Superstar, fits perfectly.

hahah joking I only mute crap videos with crappy music… trolled some of you successfully, temporarily though I hope.