ENDO Tactical Glock AR-15 Stock Adapter Spotted At Machine Gun Shoot

The boys at Recoil Magazine lit it up!  The shooting starts at 9 seconds if you’re as impatient as I am haha.  I swear my tolerance for waiting is lower than ever at this point in my life. :P

Head over to ENDO Tactical to pick one up (price $35), NFA rules apply.  The thing sells itself… pick any AR-15 stock you want, get cheekweld on the stock, compact formfactor, doesn’t interfere with the usual operator of the Glock, connects solid with no flex at all during operation.

Some additional pics of it in action at the event:



Thanks Recoil.  I was looking for an excuse to talk about this product again!  Seems like it’s so much easier to shoehorn in ENDO Apparel t-shirt mentions.