Hickok45 Says A Hi-Point Will Cost You Your Pride

SHOTS FIRED at everyone’s favorite burner:

Nothing really that interesting happens in this video. Some good quotes from him, results and opinions are as expected. 37 minutes too!  This guy is turning into Nutnfancy :P… well not actually, Hickok’s videos are very casual and have a very take it or leave it feel to them.  He’s not claiming to be an expert on anything.  God that thing is hideous.

4:20 – Says his gun shop contacts say they sell a ton of them and they get VERY few back.  I’ve heard this over and over.

Many other companies would automatically be like “OH SHIT, Hickok45 just slammed us in the first 10 seconds of the video, then continued on and off for the next 37 minutes!”… Whoever owns Hi-Point probably just LOL’d the whole time drinking rare scotch while his pet tiger was got agitated at the sound of the money counting machine running full speed.

If you’re looking for the video related to the post icon I used, it was Hi-Point melted for the hell of it.  Since we’re discussing Hi-Points I have to mention the greatest Hi-Point video ever made (the ultimate hi-point).

Hi-Point-MeltSo Hickok’s opinion is that a Hi-Point is the gun you buy if you have very little money and need a gun.  Then you get more money and buy a better gun.  Fair enough.