Gun Fetishes – Is This A thing?

Ohhhh this is a thing isn’t it? haha:

Gun-Fetish-1 Gun-Fetish-2 Gun-Fetish-3 Gun-Fetish-4 Gun-Fetish-5 Gun-Fetish-6 Gun-Fetish-7

The IMGur album these came from has some funny comments on it.  I find that most Reddit comments and the subsequent up votes of certain ones, are all very predictable.  It’s pretty easy to crack the code if you spend more than a week or two on there.  I mainly can’t stand the interface so I have trouble going back often for more, but there are some entertaining threads on there always.

I’m guessing these pics were put together by someone pro-gun, mainly because those guns are real.  Not like this weird picture series by an anti-gun artist.


Gat tip: Sean