NOIR Season 4 Is On A Roll

Second episode, still going strong:

I already had photoshop open and was working on “FREE NOIR” t-shirts during the first segment, before he busted out at around 3:00.

4:24 – Janice is TRIPPPPPPPPPIN again.  She’s a perfect antagonist for this kind of thing.  I just can’t picture these two chilling out together.  They must have something else in common like a love of the same music, or fashion etc. It’s almost like she knows she’s wrong when her points get shot down over and over, but she’s too proud to admit it because she has been on that for so long.

NOIR: “Hey Rami, it’s Colion Noir… yea so we still on for the interview tonight?  Where’s the best place for you to meet up?”
RAMI: “You know the alley behind the Jack in the Box on Maple Ave?”
NOIR: “Uh yea..?”
RAMI: “Well I live in a van there.  Come thru.”
NOIR: “Say no more fam.” *click*

8:12 –


10:18 – Nice… a SAW segment.  Do people pick up their links at the range?  I’m assuming they aren’t in massive supply so they probably do.  That would be a pain considering they are dark colored and small.  At least with brass it’s shiny.

MrColionNoir-California-No-Right-To-Bear-Arms12:44 – I’m finding this athletic shooting more watchable now since it doesn’t involve LaSorte and Amy (both seemed like nice people).  Basically I’m here to watch Noir for a few minutes, I don’t want to see other people shoot unless they are going to blow my mind Jerry Miculek style.


It was nice to see ENDO Apparel made an appearance in a few of the clips at the beginning. :)