Phonster Miami Vice Style Holster For Your Phone And Wallet

Holy this is painful… both ironically and non ironically:


At the time of writing this article the Kickstarter (like you had any doubts it would be on there) is at 573 backers and $56867 raised. *slow clap*

I didn’t embed the promo video because I don’t want to inflict the physical pain on your eardrums of listening to the guy.

hipster-phonster-phone-holsterhipster-phonster-phone-holster-2Basically they are saying you’ve been carrying your phone wallet and keys wrong your entire life, and you should incorporate their dumb accessory into your lifestyle because it will make everything so much easier.  Yeahh…. no thanks.

This idea for phone and wallet holsters has been done lots before if you just hit up google.  Man, can you imagine how pissed off those 573 hipsters will be when they find out they weren’t the first?

Probably the funniest thing that will come out of this product is that some hipsters will eventually be upset to tears when they get the cops called on them for “open carrying”.  The cops show up with guns drawn, while the hipster is just trying to enjoy his kale salad and kombucha in peace.


Gat tip: Lucha