Just Two Dudes With Ponytails Practicing Handgun Disarms

Oh ya it’s on:

I just *smh* every time I see “disarms”.  Would any of this stuff possibly work in anything but a PERFECT setup?  It’s always funny how in these disarm practice videos, the aggressor is always so cooperative not to mention stupid. They need to do this type of thing with simunition guns, or something else that would leave a mark and hurt like hell. I somewhat recall someone has done something like that in the past which I posted… I also remember the “hero” getting hit basically every time. Did I dream that?

Gun-Disarm-Dojo-PonytailI’m thinking about growing my hair out and becoming a disarms instructor?  Who runs to RUN DOJO with me?  Ya we’ll get cool shirts made up.  You can have a matching ponytail too.


Gat tip: Thomas