Testing FireClean VS Crisco With Scientifical Methods

Mattv2099 with some of his usual science:

The controlled science experiments with Crisco and FireClean start at 4:43.   haha on tacos? His scientific tastebuds said they could be identical.

Test #2 Hotpockets – LOL gross.  I eat so healthy now that made my stomach turn.

Test #3 Polishing a 1911 – I had no idea… I’m actually going to polish all my stainless steel appliances to get the fingerprints off using this method.

Matt also made a video frying up Twinkies using FireClean:

I didn’t even know that frying twinkies was a thing haha. I bet that smells damn good… reminds me of something you’d get at a fancy restaurant, garnished with some basil and raspberry balsamic sauce.

oprah-derp-faceI’ve you’ve been asleep this past week, this all comes in the wake of the Fireclean v.s. Crisco scandal.  Some guys also fried eggs up using FireClean and arrived at the same results as Mattv2099 did.