TrackingPoint Is Back Like They Never Left

A flex / announcement… flexnoucement if you will:

Ooooo the shooting technology game is heating up with Silencerco in the mix now too.  Even though we’ve only seen that one vaporware video from Silencerco I have confidence in them to deliver some awesome stuff eventually. Hopefully it will be a game of leapfrog between them and TrackingPoint and other companies which decide to enter the game.

Our man Richie Ryan as the main guy in the video, in case you didn’t notice.  I’m liking that SUV thing he’s rolling in.. a Local Motors XC2V apparently.

TrackingPoint-LogoI know a lot of you guys aren’t thrilled TrackingPoint exists because it’s dumbing down and electronically over complicating shooting.  I think the company is awesome though, and as long as we still have straight mechanical “not smart” firearms I hope this technology continues to advance.

Here’s the usual PR crap companies put out about why/how they are back and what they are doing if you like to concern yourself with formalities like that and read about people on their team you’ve never heard of make generic obvious statements about the future. Yea as you can tell I’m not a fan of big company politics and putting on shows.