POV Action Movie Hardcore To Debut At TIFF

They released an official trailer:

Looks very intense!  I can imagine that after an hour+ of this (I’m assuming) I’ll probably want to throw up.  The first time I felt really old was watching my younger cousins play Call of Doody and I had to take a walk because I felt nauseated.

Hardcore-Poster-GoProThis “go-pro POV action genre” was originally made popular by the band Biting Elbows who with the same director made a pretty crazy POV music video for one of their songs.  After that went viral they raised $250k on Indiegogo for this movie we just watched the trailer for.

Thoughts?  I’d like to see this… Hopefully it’s something that will come out online or on Netflix or something after it’s TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) screening.