Russian Operators Operating In Training Operations

What you’ve come to expect from the Russians, plus a few amazing surprises:

Faces covered to avoid internet embarrassment.

1:14 – Oh lawd.  That looks like what Shoothouse Puzikas did in that Panty-Oh video, but even more retarded because Sonny actually was looking in the direction of one of the firearms at least!  No-look shooting is so fashionable.  Safety isn’t.  Get with the program.

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-Wield1:57 – “the drive-by simulator” – key Russian technology.  It’s a real skill to hit what you’re aiming at when you’re dumping mags out the Lada.

2:32 – This linked ammo loading crank device seems pretty cool… a better shot of it at 2:57

Despite some of the obvious theatrics in this video, I’m sure these guys actually do kick some major ass.

Gat tip: no uno