Slim Jesus Really With The Pro Gun Raps


Him and his crew are really with the shits.  Glock with the extendo and the beam too! Niiiiice haha.  The Hi-points in the video are pure poetry.  His flow isn’t as terrible as I would have expected.  People have been comparing him to Eminem online though which makes my head hurt.  The only thing this kid has in common with Eminem is the amount of melanin in their skin cells.

Slim-Jesus-RapperHis Twitter is priceless… fake luxury goods, fake chains, fake watches, flexing hundreds of dollars in the pics, fake guns.. it appears blunts and lean is his nutrition (to quote Future).

If this guy start trollture testing, Mattv2099’s career is over (unless he also starts rapping). :P

Gat tip: Jim