THEC4M3RON Bringing Portability To Ammunition Reloading

0:27 – Oh shit that 9mm to .22 LR mid air conversion kit. v rare.


I get it.. his son’s name is Cameron so why not name the product the c4m3ron (leet hax0r speak) right?  *faceplam* No No NO… that name is stupid and Cameron should have been like *sweeps early career Justin Bieber hair aside* “Dad, I appreciate the thought…. but truthfully the name is lame AF especially with those numbers.  How are people even going to know it’s a gun related product?”.  Now if the kid’s name was Jesus that would be a different story.   THEJ3SUS looks a lot cooler, plus could be marketed with Big Lebowski references for daysssssss.

3:51 – Ya I might be more of a safety nazi than most, but is reloading really a hobby where you should have hot BBQ’s, dudes drinking and shooting the shit in the mix? Nothing like keeping gunpowder in the vicinity of fire on purpose haha.  I’m asking a serious question.  The guys I know who do it, do it in a quiet distraction-free room for a reason… because they don’t want to mess up and blow their gun up (best case scenario).

Here is an overview of the product:

0:34 – 40mm! haha I wish

The-c4m3ron-Reloading-BenchI didn’t actually check out THEC4M3RON website until after watching all these video, and I was very surprised to see the bench is only $150.  Yea it’s not a very complicated item, but still that seems like a damn good price.  You just can’t get that kind of stability from drilling holes into a shitty old Walmart or IKEA desk you had laying around.  If I reloaded I’d pick one up.