The Handgun Sling – The Future Of Concealed Handgun Holsters

ahahhaha this:

I literally had no idea what was going on up until the half way point… then I just COULDN’T EVEN lolol.  You’ll see what I mean.

Really nice that to use this thing you need to put your hands in front of the barrel of a loaded handgun… not to mention after that you’re shoving it in your pants with nothing guarding the trigger at all.   I’d like to see him try to draw this thing by preforming that elastic removing maneuver under any sort of stress of jostling.  That like the finest of fine motor skills to find that stupid little coin and do that… might as well thread a needle to release the handgun.

From the YouTube description – “This ain’t your daddy’s holster.”…. ya I’d hope no ones father has this poor of judgement.

There are also 4 testimonials up, which are also priceless.  From a Dentist, a regular guy who looks like he could be main derp guy’s brother, a retired LEO, another guy who is on “24 hour call”. SOLD! I bet Travis Haley, Larry Vickers, and all the other operators will be ditching Kydex and rocking these in no time.

Handgun-SlingWhat a disaster of epic proportions.  I hope the coin with the hole in it that is on the bungee cord is engraved with next of kin contact info for every order.

Sorry I don’t have a link to a website where you can purchase one.  UPDATE: $15 at


Gat tip: no uno, Beau