Develop A YouTube Following Off Trolling Then Shoot Balloons For 10 Minutes

So this is where Instructor Zero videos are at now:

0:05 – Wait.. so companies are looking for the “Instructor Zero” endorsement / opinion?  Interesting.  I don’t disagree that the guy can shoot, but I always just took him for a YouTube parody sort of account.

Instructor-Zero-Cock-EverywhereSeems to me like one of those cases where you make yourself an expert, assemble a team of loyal hype men including a production crew, create weird drills that only you do… then explain what you’re doing in terms of science.  As far as entertainment value goes, his videos have been going down hill for a while now because they are way too serious.  I really miss the old, Instructor Zero who did shit just to do it like suffocating himself with a plastic bag while shooting, being operational AF, and wearing a gas mask to do stuff just for kicks etc.. etc..  If you scroll through all my Instructor Zero posts you’ll find nothing but solid gold.  The dude is (was?) a gem.